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Journal Papers
Vehicle Pricing considering EVs Promotion and Public Transportation Investment under Governmental policies on sustainable Transportation Development: The case of Norway 2024 May
Pricing and long-term decisions of manufacturers and electricity suppliers toward sustainable development under eco-innovation and renewable electricity generation: a real case study 2023 November
Pricing for different return policies in an online marketplace considering appeasement during a post-return out-of-stock 2023 September
A game theoretic approach for time-of-use pricing with considering renewable portfolio standard effects and investment in energy storage technologies under government interventions 2023 August
Investigating the impact of government policies to develop sustainable transportation and promote electric cars, considering fossil fuel subsidies elimination: A case of Norway 2023 June
Pricing in competitive energy supply chains considering government interventions to support CCS under cap-and-trade regulations: A game-theoretic approach 2023 May
A game theoretic approach for advertising and pricing decisions using a new environmental transparency-based demand function considering different government policies 2023 April
An evolutionary game-theoretic approach to study the technological transformation of the industrial sector toward renewable electricity procurement: A case study of Iran 2022 May
Investigating the level and quality of the information in the environmental disclosure report of a corporation considering government intervention (2021) 2021 February
Pricing, greening, and transparency decisions considering the impact of government subsidies and CSR behavior in supply chain decisions (2021) 2021 January
Performance evaluation of thermal power plants considering CO2 emission: A multistage PCA, clustering, game theory and data envelopment analysis (2019) 2019 June
A game theoretic approach for pricing decisions considering CSR and a new consumer satisfaction index using transparency-dependent demand in sustainable supply chains (2019) 2019 January
To minimize the total cost of the allocation of delivery, costs related to post, resource allocation and the maximum delay in the supply chain flow shop scheduling problem. Journal of Decision Engineering, 2(6), 7-31. 2018 Winter
Mathematical programming and grey wolf optimiser for minimising sum of the total due date assignment, maximum tardiness and delivery costs for a supply chain scheduling problem (2017) 2017 September
Two new meta-heuristics for a bi-objective supply chain scheduling problem in flow-shop environment (2016) 2016 December
The bullwhip effect in a 3-stage supply chain considering multiple retailers using a moving average method for demand forecasting (2016) 2016 November
Measuring Bullwhip effect in a pipeline 3-stage supply chain using moving average method for demand forecasting. Journal of Industrial Engineering Research in Production Systems, 2(4), 21-37 2015 Winter
Conference Papers
Co-op Advertising in a Two-Stage Supply Chain Considering Fuzzy Environment and Different Power Structures 2024 February
Vertical Competition of Retailers vs. Cooperation Strategies in Fuzzy Environment for Pricing and Cooperative Advertising in a three-layer Supply Chain 2024 February
Using Salesperson for Chain-to-Chain Competition in Oligopoly Markets: A Game-Theoretical Approach. 18th Iranian International Industrial Engineering Conference. 2021 Spring
Advertising Strategy in a Two-Stage Supply Chain Considering Advertising Cost Dependent Demand in Fuzzy Environment. First International Conference on Management Tools and Techniques. 2015 Fall

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